No Border Thoughts

No Border Thoughts

Journey to Self: Family Constellations & akashic readings

Welcome to where the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious mind meet for a cosmic cuppa! Together, we’ll sift through life’s riddles, stir in some clarity, and pour out transformative tales. Seeking a journey that’s as enlightening as it is tranquil? Put on your mental slippers, breathe deep, and let the serene adventure begin.

Hello, I'm Akanksha

Begin Your Inner Journey with Family Constellations Therapy

My journey into the realms of the mind and soul began when I, too, was seeking answers. Over the years, I’ve woven together my personal experiences with professional expertise to guide souls like you through their unique odysseys. I believe in the power of stories, especially the ones we tell ourselves.

My mission is to walk beside you, helping you rewrite your narrative, filled with empowerment, healing, and transformation. When I’m not delving into the intricacies of the mind, you might find me sipping on herbal tea, immersed in a good book, or taking long walks in nature.

The intricate layers of your mind hold vast potential. The Transformative Triad is my offering to guide you through a harmonious exploration of these layers for profound healing and understanding. Let’s embark on this journey together, discovering and co-creating your story of self-discovery.


Benefits of Embarking on This Journey


Evolve into the best version of yourself.


Mend past traumas and release limiting beliefs.


Find direction and purpose in your life's journey.


Unlock a deeper understanding of your true self.


Gain tools and strategies to navigate life's challenges.

Within the cosmic dance of life, we'll find your own rhythm together

Akashic Reading to understand your unconscious mind

Understanding Transformative Triad

Unlock the vast potential within the layers of your mind. The Transformative Triad is a curated experience designed to guide you through a harmonious exploration of these layers, leading to profound healing and understanding.

Welcome to the world of Akashic Readings and Healing

Unconscious Mind with Energy Healing & Akashic Records Reading

  • Energy Healing: At your very essence, there’s a dynamic flow of energy. Sometimes, due to past traumas or lingering emotions, this energy can become misaligned. I work to realign and harmonize this energy, helping you feel revitalized and clear. Dive into a rejuvenating experience, realigning and harmonizing your inner energies for a revitalized essence.
  • Akashic Records Reading: The Akashic Records are like a cosmic ledger of every experience, emotion, and intention your soul has ever encountered. By tapping into these records, I offer insights into your soul’s journey, allowing for clarity and deeper understanding of your life’s purpose. Embark on a soulful journey, gaining insights into your past, present, and future, revealing clarity and understanding of your life’s purpose.
Family Constellations and releasing generational patterns and trauma

Subconscious Mind with Family Constellations & Pattern Clearing

  • Family Constellations: Through Family Constellations, I help you discern these influences, allowing healing of past traumas and establishing renewed patterns for your life. Delve into the roots, healing past traumas, and establishing renewed life patterns for a brighter tomorrow.
  • Pattern Clearing: Over time, repetitive patterns, whether behavioral or emotional, can form. My approach identifies these, addressing their root and facilitating a transformative release. Break free from the chains of repetitive behavioral or emotional patterns, embracing a life of freedom and authenticity.
Conscious Mind with Coaching in Canada - No Border Thoughts

Conscious Mind with Coaching

  • Coaching: Living consciously is about being in the moment, aware, and purposeful. In my coaching sessions and based on the awareness gained, I’ll guide you on honing this awareness, giving you tools to navigate life’s challenges and manifest your aspirations. Equip yourself with the tools, strategies, and insights to navigate life’s challenges, realize your aspirations, and manifest your dreams into reality.
Family Constellations, Akashic Records Reading and Spiritual Coaching

The Transformative Triad Package

A Comprehensive Mind Healing is a comprehensive service that takes a deep dive into the intricacies of your mind. It follows a three-fold approach, targeting the unconscious, subconscious, and conscious layers of your psyche:

  • Unconscious Mind Exploration: In this phase, you’ll experience energy healing techniques that help you realign with universal rhythms. Additionally, you’ll gain access to profound insights from the Akashic Records, a vast source of information, to bring about a greater understanding of your inner self.
  • Subconscious Pattern Unraveling: This segment of the package focuses on uncovering hidden familial dynamics and breaking free from recurring thought patterns. Techniques such as family constellations and pattern clearing are employed to facilitate this process, enabling you to overcome limitations and move towards personal growth.
  • Conscious Mind Coaching: The final step involves integrating the insights acquired from previous sessions and setting conscious actions. This helps bridge the gap between awareness and practical application, ensuring that you can take concrete steps towards transformation and a more fulfilling life.

Your Cosmic Odyssey Begins

Releasing negative patterns

The unconscious mind holds the key to cosmic insights. Here, we tap into the reservoir of your soul's experiences, emotions, and intentions—the Akashic Records

Our cosmic journey is not just a voyage of the mind but a transformational experience that touches every facet of your existence.



The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Let's take that step together.

Embark on this intricate exploration, each service designed to nurture and optimize every facet of your mind, leading you to a harmonious, enlightened, and empowered existence.

Mindful living


Jordan L.
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Before I met Akanksha, I felt like I was wandering aimlessly, both in my personal and professional life. The sessions helped me tap into the deeper layers of my mind, revealing patterns and beliefs I wasn't even aware of. The clarity and direction I've gained since then are invaluable. I can't thank Akanksha enough for this transformative experience.
Aria K.
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The journey through the Transformative Triad with Akanksha has been nothing short of magical. Each session felt like a step closer to my true self, shedding layers of past traumas and misconceptions. I've emerged more confident, grounded, and in tune with my purpose. Highly recommended for anyone on a path of self-discovery.
Ethan R.
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I've attended many workshops and sessions over the years, but none have had such a profound impact as Akanksha's offerings. The blend of energy healing, pattern clearing, and coaching is truly unique and effective. I've found a renewed sense of passion and drive in my life, and I owe it all to these sessions.
Sophia M.
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Embarking on this transformative journey with Akanksha has been one of the most enlightening experiences of my life. The way the sessions are structured to delve deep into the layers of the mind is truly unique. I've not only gained clarity about my life's purpose but also discovered tools to navigate challenges with grace and confidence. I highly recommend Akanksha's services to anyone seeking a deeper understanding of themselves and their place in the universe.