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Journey to Self: Navigating the Mind's Mystique

I am multi-modality healer i.e. I use different forms of healing that I have found helpful in my journey over the course of years. Here is a brief of how I can help you:

No Border Thoughts - Best Energy Healing In Canada

Unconscious Mind - Energy Healing & Akashic Records Reading

The vast tapestry of the unconscious mind houses emotions, memories, and latent experiences. The unconscious mind is usually hardest to unravel and one can often be disconnected with one’s unconscious belief patterns.

  • Energy Healing: Life isn’t without its storms, often causing energy misalignments. My unique approach to energy healing brings a rejuvenated sense of balance, harmonizing your inner energies with the universe’s rhythmic dance.
  • Akashic Records Reading: Within the celestial realms, the Akashic Records store your soul’s timeless journey. As we tap into this cosmic library, you’ll unveil profound insights about your spiritual path, karmic influences, and life’s purpose, paving the way for deeper self-understanding and healing.

What to expect?

The session starts with understanding your needs and focus area. We then meditate and work on your energy and clear any blocks that show up. A session may take 30-60 minutes.

Subconscious Mind with Family Constellations & Pattern Clearing in Canada

Subconscious Mind - Family Constellations & Pattern Clearing

Transformative Mind Healing with Family Constellation Therapy in Canada

Beneath the surface, the subconscious mind whispers tales of past experiences, familial ties, and embedded patterns. These are often known to us but we may or may not understand the impact on our overall life.
  • Family Constellations: Often, the stories we live are echoes from our ancestors. By delving into family constellations, we uncover these often-hidden dynamics, illuminating a path to heal familial patterns and cultivate stronger, healthier relationships.
  • Pattern Clearing: Just like a song stuck on repeat, our minds can trap us in recurring behaviors or thought loops. Through intuitive pattern clearing, we will identify these cycles, allowing you to gracefully release what no longer serves and embrace a renewed sense of freedom.

What to expect?

The session starts with a brief intake about your family. We then work on setting up a constellation or working on ancestral patterns that show up. A session may take 30-60 minutes.

Conscious Mind with Coaching in Canada - No Border Thoughts

Conscious Mind - Personalized Coaching

Spiritual Life Coach for Self Care and Mind Healing Canada Wide

Acting as our daily compass, the conscious mind guides us through life’s myriad choices. Based on the awareness of the sessions before, it’s time to act. The new awareness allows more conscious decisions to come through.
  • Coaching: With a blend of modern strategies and age-old wisdom, I offer coaching sessions to integrate the work done so far. In this session, we decide on conscious actions that you will bring to your life to integrate the experiences so far.

What to expect?

We discuss the learnings of previous sessions and set in motion actions for the future. A session may take 30-60 minutes.


Transformative Triad Package - Comprehensive Mind Healing

Dive into a holistic journey that merges the depths of the unconscious, the stories of the subconscious, and the clarity of the conscious mind. This package combines:

  • Unconscious Mind Exploration: Realign with universal rhythms through energy healing and access profound insights from the Akashic Records. 
  • Subconscious Pattern Unraveling: Discover hidden familial dynamics and break recurring thought loops with family constellations and pattern clearing. 
  • Conscious Mind Coaching: Integrate insights from prior sessions and set conscious actions for transformative growth.

What to expect?

This multi-session package offers a condensed, yet powerful, exploration of your mind’s layers. Each session, lasting 30-60 minutes, is tailored to your journey, ensuring deep understanding and healing. By the end, gain renewed clarity and actionable steps for a transformed life.

Benefits of Embarking on This Journey


Evolve into the best version of yourself.


Mend past traumas and release limiting beliefs.


Find direction and purpose in your life's journey.


Unlock a deeper understanding of your true self.


Gain tools and strategies to navigate life's challenges.

In the stillness of your mind, you'll find the cosmic whispers that guide your path to enlightenment

Every step on your spiritual path is a step closer to the universe within you. Awaken the explorer within and journey to the depths of your own soul. The universe within you holds boundless mysteries waiting to be unveiled.


Your Inner World Reflects Your Outer Reality

Embark on this intricate exploration, each service designed to nurture and optimize every facet of your mind, leading you to a harmonious, enlightened, and empowered existence.

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