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Dive right into my world; I'm Akanksha.

Hello, cosmic adventurers! Dive right in, I’m Akanksha. Treading the delicate line between a corporate stint and the vast spiritual cosmos, I’ve always found myself gravitating towards the mysteries of the universe. As a middle child, I’ve been gifted with the soft touch of the youngest and the sage-like wisdom of the eldest. Quite the celestial cocktail, don’t you think?


For over 11 enigmatic years, I’ve embarked on spiritual terrains, unveiling secrets that range from the depths of Hypnosis to the wisdom of Tarot.

I’ve danced with Angels, traversed the profound waters of Akashic records, and allowed the cosmos to shape my spirit.

My teachers have been scattered across continents, and I’ve imbibed the energy of diverse places, from the tranquil landscapes of Canada to the bustling streets of the USA. My journey has taken me on enriching pitstops in the UK, Australia, India, and Germany.

In those quiet moments when I’m not immersed in spiritual explorations, you’ll find me, deeply meditating, embracing the thrill of weightlifting, or wandering through the pages of an enthralling book. πŸ“–

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Random musings:

Puppies? Think of them as little furry Zen masters, and yes, I'm smitten! 🐢

If coffee had spiritual vibrations, I'd be its most devoted disciple.

Wisdom has flown to me from sages across the globe, and I honor every whisper.

From sacred texts to modern retreats, if there's a spiritual practice out there, chances are, I've chanted its mantras.



Leaving behind the corporate hustle, the realms of spirituality and meditation beckoned. And oh, how they sang to me! With hands dipped in various modalities, orchestrating healing symphonies, and guiding many on their spiritual quest, I’ve found my true calling.

Parting Thoughts?

Whether you’re on a spiritual quest, share my love for coffee and cuddles with puppies, or are simply intrigued, join me in this waltz of wonders. Let’s swap tales, share ethereal vibes, or just savor a cosmic cappuccino together. β˜•βœ¨πŸŒŸ


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